March 18, 2010

Mima, WA

Hedland Young Leaders Program, WA

This is the fantastic art project the Hedland Young Leaders Program contributed to the Hedland community as part of their leadership learning over the five modules of the 2009 course.

A wide cross-section of 16-25 year olds took part in the HYLP 2009, picking up skills in project management, grant applications , leadership styles, team building, problem solving and communication along the way.

The course was developed and run by the Hedland Youth Services Action Group, in conjunction with Curtin University’s Graduate School of Business and Teamworks Development Australia. the program was funded through the Federal Attorney General’s Department ‘Confiscated Proceeds of Crime’ fund and the Telethon Institute of Child Health Research- Kulunga’s “Staying on Track” project, funded by BHP Billiton.

It was on the advice of the Hedland Youth Leadership Coalition, a really active and strong voice for young people in Hedland, that community projects were included in the course. When they were consulted about the course development, they stated “It’s not all about US – it’s also about what we can give back to the community.”

The two projects chosen aimed to get their youth voice across to the community with positive messages about the great things young people are doing in Hedland. One was the urban art work on the Pretty Pool ablution block , and the second was creating a DVD called “getin2it” showing the huge range of things to do in Hedland for young people.

At a formal presentation dinner to conclude the program, which again got the young voice across to the community, all of this was shown to Members of Parliament and the Mayor, sponsors, employers, media, family and supporters of the participants. The interest generated by the HYLP 2009 program and sensational feedback from graduates of the course will see it become an annual program, building a strong network of young leaders in town and showing what great stuff is happening here for young people.

March 17, 2010

Eurobodalla Shire Council’s Youth Committee, NSW

'Wrap' vs 'Rap'

We have had quite a few comments as to the name of the blog and the use of 'wrap' rather than 'rap'...

The reference of 'wrap' is in relation to a 'News Wrap Up' not 'To get a rap on the knuckles'

Looking forward to getting heaps of photo's in - remember to email them to for uploading!