April 20, 2010

Youth Network of Tasmania (YNOT)

Di Bester, Family Support Services Association of Tasmania

Joanna Siejka, Project Officer

Patrick Deane, Work Experience

Dean Cooper, YNOT

The Youth Network of Tasmania (YNOT) is the peak body for the non government youth sector in Tasmania. YNOT has input into and responds to policy direction, advocates for youth sector and lobbies for the needs and initiatives for young people.

Integral to the work of YNOT is the youth participation structure, known as the Tasmanian Youth Forum (TYF). TYF is Tasmania’s peak youth consultative and participatory body. Its members are young people, 12 to 25 years of age, who gather together to discuss issues that affect the youth of Tasmania.

April 15, 2010

Inspire Foundation, Western Australia Branch

The Inspire Foundation’s mission is to help millions of young people lead happier lives. We do this combing technology with the direct involvement of young people to deliver

innovative and practical online programs that prevent youth suicide and improve young people's mental health and wellbeing. You can check us out online at www.reachout.com www.actnow.com.au and www.betweenthelines.net.au

April 14, 2010

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, staff and young members of the Australian Greens

Senator Hanson-Young is the Greens’ Spokesperson for Youth and the youngest person ever elected to the Australian Senate.

She believes politics should be accessible to all and is committed to helping provide a gateway for younger Australians to participate in decision-making.

The Greens empower young people in politics, recognising them as the leaders of tomorrow.

You can read more about the work of Sarah and the Greens at: http://sarah-hanson-young.greensmps.org.au

April 13, 2010

CanTeen National Office

We think our young people at CanTeen are amazing for the way they truly look out for and support each other through some of life's biggest challenges. This is a photo of our young leaders. It is a honour and a privilege to work in partnership with such an enthusiastic and dedicated group, who are committed to supporting other young people

April 11, 2010

FEWCHA, Dorset Youth Advisory Group

FEWCHA is the Dorset Youth Advisory Group. Dorset is in North East Tasmania, Australia. FEWCHA puts on events for young people in Dorset. Some of the stuff we are into include Concerts, School Holiday Programs and Movie Nights. We also run a grant program by young people for young people - the FEWCHA money tree! We have a youth health outreach van called the Kameleon that provides services to all our small regional towns.

Check out all our stuff on our website...www.fewcha.org.au We have been up and running since September 2001 and the group meets together once a month to organise events, discuss issues and hang out! There are about 20 people in FEWCHA aged between 12 and 18. Check out these pic's of us a the recent Relay for Life event in one of our towns!

Aaron Koo, AIESEC Curtin University

My name is Aaron Koo and I am currently the Outgoing Exchange Director for AIESEC Curtin University.

My organisation offers students the chance to go overseas to work on volunteer projects on social issues and environmental sustainability.

We give Australia youth the opportunity to make a different in the world and develop their cultural understanding for their personal development.

Last year I went to China to teach High School students about Social Entrepreneurship. There were many other applicants who went to Malaysia to volunteers in a children's orphanage.

These are a few examples of the impact that we are trying to have in the world.

For more stories and testimonials please refer to http://aiesecx.blogspot.com

April 8, 2010

Youth Affairs Council of South Australia (YACSA)

The Youth Affairs Council of South Australia (YACSA) is the peak body for young people and the youth sector in SA. We are a non-Government organisation working to secure meaningful improvements in the quality of young people’s lives, provide advice and support to the youth sector, and advocate to Governments and the community on the range of matters that affect young people.

For more information on YACSA and the work we do, please visit www.yacsa.com.au or contact us on (08) 8226 3080.

April 7, 2010

CanTeen - WA Division

CanTeen is a national support organisation for 12 - 24 year olds who are living with cancer. As a ‘young person led’ organisation, with young people making decisions at every level, it is the only organisation of its kind in Australia.

CanTeen's mission is to support, develop and empower young people living with cancer. We do this by providing an Australia-wide peer support network and psycho-social support to 12 to 24 year-olds, who include*:

Patients - young people who have been diagnosed with cancer

Siblings & Offspring - young people who have an immediate family member (brother, sister, parent or primary carer) who has been diagnosed with cancer; and

Bereaved Siblings & Offspring - young people who have had an immediate family member die from cancer

Through a wide range of camps and programs, CanTeen encourages Members to share their experiences, make friends...and of course, have fun!

*Young people who don't quite fit these descriptions might still be able to join - please contact us for more information. www.canteen.org.au or ring 1800 639 614

March 29, 2010

Youth Foundations Victoria (YFV)

Youth Foundations Victoria (YFV) is an exciting new initiative that helps young people make a real difference to their communities. YFV offers genuine opportunities for young people in 15 communities across Victoria to get involved.

Groups of local young people from different backgrounds come together in each location to look at the needs of their community and then make grants to other young people to run activities to benefit that community. The young people are also responsible for raising funds to add to those contributed by government, community and private partners.

Through the initiative, the young people are be supported to develop skills and their achievements will be promoted locally and around the state.

M.I.S.S.I.O.N. A group of young people who form the Youth Foundations Victoria Board at the North Bellarine site.MISSION stands for Many Ininviduals Supporting Socially important Options on the North Bellarine. They are pictured delivering a DVD to DPCD in Geelong.

One of the members filmed and edited a local youth Forum that was held last year in Geelong called, Joining the Dots. So here we have young people delivering a dvd about youth participation that was filmed and edited by a young person!

Put up your hands to support them!

March 18, 2010

Mima, WA

Hedland Young Leaders Program, WA

This is the fantastic art project the Hedland Young Leaders Program contributed to the Hedland community as part of their leadership learning over the five modules of the 2009 course.

A wide cross-section of 16-25 year olds took part in the HYLP 2009, picking up skills in project management, grant applications , leadership styles, team building, problem solving and communication along the way.

The course was developed and run by the Hedland Youth Services Action Group, in conjunction with Curtin University’s Graduate School of Business and Teamworks Development Australia. the program was funded through the Federal Attorney General’s Department ‘Confiscated Proceeds of Crime’ fund and the Telethon Institute of Child Health Research- Kulunga’s “Staying on Track” project, funded by BHP Billiton.

It was on the advice of the Hedland Youth Leadership Coalition, a really active and strong voice for young people in Hedland, that community projects were included in the course. When they were consulted about the course development, they stated “It’s not all about US – it’s also about what we can give back to the community.”

The two projects chosen aimed to get their youth voice across to the community with positive messages about the great things young people are doing in Hedland. One was the urban art work on the Pretty Pool ablution block , and the second was creating a DVD called “getin2it” showing the huge range of things to do in Hedland for young people.

At a formal presentation dinner to conclude the program, which again got the young voice across to the community, all of this was shown to Members of Parliament and the Mayor, sponsors, employers, media, family and supporters of the participants. The interest generated by the HYLP 2009 program and sensational feedback from graduates of the course will see it become an annual program, building a strong network of young leaders in town and showing what great stuff is happening here for young people.

March 17, 2010

Eurobodalla Shire Council’s Youth Committee, NSW

'Wrap' vs 'Rap'

We have had quite a few comments as to the name of the blog and the use of 'wrap' rather than 'rap'...

The reference of 'wrap' is in relation to a 'News Wrap Up' not 'To get a rap on the knuckles'

Looking forward to getting heaps of photo's in - remember to email them to policy@ayac.org.au for uploading!


March 11, 2010

From the crew at the Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia

The Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia (YACWA) is the peak non-government youth organisation in Western Australia. We operate primarily as a human rights organisation that seeks to address the exclusion of young people in a rapidly changing society.

YACWA advocates for young people’s varied needs at local, State and Federal Government levels whilst working to engender and enhance positive community attitudes towards young people.

YACWA strongly believes that ‘young people are experts in their own experiences’ and is dedicated to ensuring their equal access to participation in community decision making processes.

Find out more about YACWA by going to www.yacwa.org.au


In the lead up to National Youth Week 2010 (being held from the 10th -18th of April) the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition are calling on young people, youth workers, youth services and community members to share their positive messages about young people and the youth sector.

All you need to do is take a photo of yourself holding a positive message about young people or a message about what your service contributes to the Australian community.

All your photos will be uploaded to this Blog and we hope to create a strong message about the amazing things young people and the youth sector are doing across the country.

Your messages will be sent to the Federal Youth Minister, Hon Kate Ellis during National Youth Week.

Help young people get a better wrap and get involved! Send through your photo and a little bit about yourself or your service to policy@ayac.org.au

To find out more about AYAC go to our website www.ayac.org.au