March 29, 2010

Youth Foundations Victoria (YFV)

Youth Foundations Victoria (YFV) is an exciting new initiative that helps young people make a real difference to their communities. YFV offers genuine opportunities for young people in 15 communities across Victoria to get involved.

Groups of local young people from different backgrounds come together in each location to look at the needs of their community and then make grants to other young people to run activities to benefit that community. The young people are also responsible for raising funds to add to those contributed by government, community and private partners.

Through the initiative, the young people are be supported to develop skills and their achievements will be promoted locally and around the state.

M.I.S.S.I.O.N. A group of young people who form the Youth Foundations Victoria Board at the North Bellarine site.MISSION stands for Many Ininviduals Supporting Socially important Options on the North Bellarine. They are pictured delivering a DVD to DPCD in Geelong.

One of the members filmed and edited a local youth Forum that was held last year in Geelong called, Joining the Dots. So here we have young people delivering a dvd about youth participation that was filmed and edited by a young person!

Put up your hands to support them!

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  1. yer i made that film and yfv is a great group of young people and i'm not saying that because im one of them i think everyone in that group is very good representatives on young people